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Zuricom launches #ZuricomPower

by on May 29, 2014

Now, it happens to the best of us. It could be your phone, ipad or any device. The worst thing that can happen apart from loosing it is actually running out of  power with no leads or sockets nearby to re-charge. Zuricom , the innovative British technology brand with a record of smart phones and tablet PC’s have brought solution to a common problem of  low battery via the ZURICOM POWER.  Building on the company’s innovative proprietary  technology, Zuricom Power – is a new consumer electronic device that  can charge and power USB-compatible mobile electronic devices, such as smartphones, feature phones, eReaders, tablets, portable gaming consoles and digital cameras as fast as the mains. Zuricom Power  typically charges even the most demanding, power-hungry smartphones to make sure you never run out of #Power.

Zuricom Power

At only £39.99 , the stylish forward thinking product is well worth it for the long term and after testing it myself this morning. I have finally admitted i can let it go. So, i want one asap.  You can get your Zuricom Power exclusively here at Brand Weekly by visiting our online shop. Click here