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What does a Local Butcher and a Protein Bar have in common?

by on October 9, 2015

Good question that got us all here at Brand Weekly thinking!!  Fitness and sports enthusiasts rejoice! A local butcher’s shop in Islington, London has ‘created’ the ultimate protein bar. The bars are 100% natural, meaning no added ingredients, and they certainly pack a punch with their high protein content.

So what’s new about these bars?  Well, not much. The bars are actually full of nature’s own protein – red meat. Yes, that’s right red meat, which is naturally rich in protein and helps build and repair muscles.  The protein bars are even available in the nation’s three favourite red meats, beef, lamb and pork.

Master butcher, Chris Godfrey of Godfreys Butchers who ‘created’ the 100% natural protein bar said; “We created these ultimate protein bars to celebrate the Rugby World Cup, and to highlight that we have one of the richest and natural sources of protein readily available to us just by including beef, lamb and pork in the diet. When I see people buying manufactured protein bars and powders, it does frustrate me and I want to tell them that eating red meat will provide them with the protein their bodies need. Hopefully, with these new red meat protein bars I can convey the message that there’s a natural and enjoyable way to get protein.

Former England rugby player Phil Vickery adds; “I love what Godfreys has done. Protein is a key element in any sportsman’s diet – we need it for training, competing and to help repair our muscles. For me, the best way to get that protein is through red meat. I enjoy eating red meat and it provides my body with the protein it needs and much more. It’s the best of both worlds.”

The protein bars will be available for a limited time priced £1.40.  Customers can either buy the protein bars cooked, to eat on the go or raw to enjoy at home as part of a meal.