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Volvo Cars London teams up with Swedish bicycle company, Skeppshult

by on November 8, 2013


Volvo Cars London has teamed up with upmarket Swedish bicycle company, Skeppshult, displaying its hand-made bikes in a number of its London- based dealerships.


Selected prime location Volvo Cars dealerships in London are displaying Skeppshult bicycles in their showrooms – affording customers the opportunity to view another stylish and sustainable mode of transport.

Skeppshult bicycles and Volvo Cars London have more in common than you might think. Both brands originate from Sweden, boast long heritages, high quality parts and are dedicated to environmental care and safety.

“Having the bikes in our dealerships adds another dynamic to the shiny, polish to our designer show rooms and helps us to create a story,” says Alasdair Jakes, marketing manager for Volvo Cars London. “The bikes are beautiful in their own right – but can also help people visualize what kind of car they want to suit their lifestyles – whether they want space for transporting sport equipment – like bicycles – or a more compact fuel efficient car for city living.”

As well as the flagship North London Volvo Cars dealership on Edgware road, the bikes are also on display in Volvo’s west and central London dealerships. Skeppshult bicycles will soon also be moving to the leafy suburbs of Volvo’s Gerrards Cross and Bishop’s Stortford dealerships, where many people cycle into work and around the picturesque villages.

“The bicycles are beautifully built and get a lot of attention. The two brands go hand-in-hand and really appeal to our environmentally conscious customers, as the bikes reinforce what both brands stand for,” says Alasdair.

For almost 100 years, Skeppshult has been creating the ultimate hand-built bicycles. Designed to last a lifetime, they combine the most effective technology with typically clean Swedish design cues. Every component is individually sourced and meticulously assembled, ensuring the highest quality standards are met. The result is the smoothest and most effortless ride – ideal for town or country.

Skeppshult bicycles, for both men and women, can include a front basket both large and secure for maximum space and mobility. The bikes come in a wide range of colours and designs from classic shades to brighter hues. The Ladies Natur and Nova Bas models have wide seats and handle bars to provide comfort as well as stability in all road conditions – and a classic bell lets other vehicles (politely) know you there. Safety is at the forefront of Skeppshult’s design and values. All of Skeppshult’s bikes come with a 10 year warranty on the frame.

Skeppshult also manufacturer the V-Bike, which is a nifty, smaller and lighter, urban commuter bike, perfect for fitting into a car. It comes in a selection of cheerful colours and can include a range of practical accessories.