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New Era for British African Cinema has arrived!!

by on December 8, 2014

Last Friday (5th of December) Brand Weekly was invited to the Odeon Cinema in Greenwich for the  premiere of Afuas Diary a film written by Bibi Owusu Shadbolt and starring  Actress/Model and Television Presenter, Cleopatra Wood .  The African themed feature  was filmed in the UK and Ghana featuring a stellar cast& crew  including the well known Ghanian Actor and talkshow host , KSM. 


Afua’s Diary is a romantic drama/comedy following the roller coaster life of a young Ghanaian woman living in the UK as she embarks through a series of  trials and tribulations as her British student visa runs out.  Afua Forson Brown’s (played by Cleopatra Wood)  situation is made worse by the constant nagging of her arrogant and lazy boyfriend and persistent calls from her alcoholic father in Ghana who consistently demands for money and spends it all on fuelling his alcoholic addiction. Afua eventually meets the man of her dreams but finds herself in an even more complicated situation.  The world premiere took place at the Odeon Cinema with a list of VIP’s and movie fans in attendance.


The film received  a huge positive response from all in attendance and the acting by the  cast was absolutely spot on. You know the comedy in a film works when the audience laughs in the right places and the general reaction post the screening is filled with more support for the film. The Q&A at the end was met with excitement with several guests commenting on the quality, chemistry between the actors and the huge disparity between this and all other films currently in the market. This film opens a door into the new African movie industry which is no longer low quality films, but high quality productions with a stellar cast and consistent story line that speaks directly to a diverse demographic.

Our Verdict:

Afua’s Diary gets a 9/10 from Brand Weekly.Afua’s Diary is an African themed movie with mainstream appeal.  The film’s leading star, British born actress, Cleopatra Wood who is no stranger to the big stage having presented the Official African Chart Show, Urban Music Awards and starring in several fashion campaigns as an international model stood out as one to watch for the future. She managed to master a Ghanian local accent within a very short space of time and delivered a believable performance which was on par with multi-award winning talk show host KSM, some might even argue the chemistry between daughter and drunk father got the most laughs from the audience. Italian-Egyptian actor Fabio Abraham also made an impressive supporting role performance as the boyfriend of Afua.


For first time writer and producer;  Bibi Owusu Shadbolt she has managed to put together a film that goes to show that there is certainly a crossover audience for African cinema to be showcased on a big screen. Sure, this genre might be akin to many typical African movie goers but as a Westerner and from the perspective of Western audience. It was impressive, well produced, marketed cohesively and capable of attracting a much more diverse audience .

Watch the trailer for Afua’s Dairy here: