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National Lottery and Guinness World Records decide to join forces

by on October 9, 2015

The sound of champagne corks popping will sweep central London today as The National Lottery joins forces with GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS to celebrate reaching a key landmark – the creation of 4,000 millionaires.

Past winners have been invited to an exclusive event and challenged to take part in two exciting Guinness World Records title attempts, the Largest gathering of lottery millionaires and the Longest champagne cork popping relay.

The event is part of a campaign by The National Lottery to raise awareness of how many millionaires have been created across the UK since its launch. It also aims to highlight previous winners as a way of generating excitement among UK households about the prospect of becoming a millionaire.

Vicky Radcliffe, Senior Publicity Manager, Camelot UK Lotteries, said: “We’ve celebrated many exciting landmarks before, but this time we wanted our winners to be actively involved. Working with Guinness World Records for these two title attempts is the perfect way to create media excitement, generate great coverage and be a source of engaging content for our channels.

“Players currently generate more than £34 million each week for projects across the UK just by buying a ticket and the chance to dream.  Creating an event with Guinness World Records also helps us raise awareness of all the winners that have seen their lives changed, which in turn helps us raise more money for Good Causes.”

More than 100 winners will congregate to set the Guinness World Records titles, watched closely by a panel of independent witnesses and a Guinness World Records adjudicator.

The National Lottery worked closely with Guinness World Records’ commercial division to arrange today’s event. As well as documenting the record-breaking feats of individuals, Guinness World Records creates bespoke solutions for global brands seeking to use record breaking to enhance their marketing, PR or employee engagement campaigns.

Nadine Causey, Guinness World Records Senior Vice President, EMEA & APAC, said: “Working with Guinness World Records is an incredibly impactful way for brands to celebrate a major milestone or landmark. Attempting a Guinness World Records title gives brands a story to tell and exciting content for their audiences to read, watch and share.”

“We wish the lottery winners every success with their title attempts today – it’s certainly the perfect way to add some sparkle to what’s set to be a fantastic event!”