Official Top 10 International TV Adverts


by Jordan Kensingtonon November 28, 2014
If you’ve ever wondered what kind of things the interior of your car sees every day of its life, PEUGEOT can provide the answer. Dashboard Diaries is a series of short films that will be broadcast across PEUGEOT’s various internet channels for three weeks starting on November 24. Dashboard Diaries is an amusing, sometimes hilarious […]

Evian’s new TV ad guaranteed to make you feel like a baby!

by Gordon Williamson October 28, 2014
Water can be the hardest thing to market!! or can it???  Evian makes it looks so simple with new advert guaranteed to tap into your inner childhood. Watch here and tell us whether you don’t feel the urge to connect to your inner baby!!

Full Titlt Launch exciting new campaign

by Jordan Kensingtonon October 25, 2014
Some of the most interesting stories are created or told at Full Tilt. Being able to share these stories and the intrinsic enjoyment of playing games such as poker, casino or slots is key to the new Full Tilt brand. Going forward, the Full Tilt product, marketing and branding will focus very much on sharing […]


by Lisa Turneron April 4, 2014
Waitrose ad campaign focuses on co-ownership for the first time Waitrose will for the first time launch a television advertising campaign based on its unique culture and values as a co-owned business. The campaign, which will launch on Saturday April 5th, will convey how the supermarket is owned by its employees (Partners) and how this […]

Exclusive Interview: EMI GAL talks Brains, Interactivity and the Future of Advertising

by Jordan Kensingtonon March 30, 2014
Here is what happened when Brand Weekly’s , Jordan Kensington caught up with Emi Gal , CEO of award winning company Brainient!! JK:  Emi Gal, welcome to Brandweekly! How are you? EG: Thank you very much I’m very well. Thank you. JK: Fantastic, let’s go back to the beginning when you started the company, Brainient. […]