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A pint down the pub leads to a round trip to France

by on December 2, 2013

Now, we Brits like a good drink but  Luke Harding will go down in history as one  of a few consumers who took the idea of  a ‘quiet one’ way too far! Luke  from Manchester went for a quiet pint with his mates. It only started with one casual drink down the pub as you do…. But,  somehow Harding woke up 800 km away in a toilet in Paris, after an epic night out that has taken the web by storm.  Fantastic!

So, how did this all happen? I hear you ask….

Well, like every good story it started with one and then two but 19-year-old Luke Harding could never have predicted that his “one drink” with a friend after work in Manchester last Saturday, would end at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, and bring him overnight internet stardom.

One or two quiet ones turned into a foray to Tokyo Project nightclub in Oldham for sheet-metal worker Harding and his pal.

We interviewed  Harding who told Brand Weekly exclusively that it was  a “bog standard night out intended to be really quiet and i still can’t quite work out how ended up in France”

According to his mates. They had finished drinking and everyone was heading home. However, the intrepid traveller found himself “a bit bored” and looking for some more adventure.

Apparently forced to accept his fate, Harding got in a taxi and headed home at around 2.30 am.

It could have all ended as another damp squib of a Saturday night, if Harding hadn’t had his mobile phone switched on. Damn you mobile!  While in the taxi, he got an alert from an app that advertised cheap flights to Paris. Inspired, he ordered the cab driver to bring him to Manchester airport, told him he was a junior doctor on his way to a conference, and used his debit card to book a flight.

Doing his finest impression of a medical doctor enroute to a business convention, Harding managed to convince checking assistants of his ‘sober’ status and checked in for his 6am flight.

“The next thing I know I’m in a toilet in Paris, waking up to the sound of a Frenchman taking a crap in the cubicle next to me,” he told Brand Weekly.

“I thought, ‘Jesus Christ, what have I done?'”

With news of his drunken odyssey fast spreading throughout Oldham and beyond, and with a day to kill before his return flight on Sunday evening, the no doubt badly hungover young Englishman decided to at least see what the City of Light had to offer.

And so it was that a “bog standard” Saturday evening in Lancashire, ended with Harding sharing selfies in front of the Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower, to the eternal amusement of his friends back home.

The story went viral in the following days, but the fallout has been mixed at best for Harding.

While he can revel in the thousands of messages of awe from his legions of new Twitter followers, the sheet metal-worker claims to have been fired by his employer, allegedly for spending too much time on the phone, talking to journalists.

In response to one of the many tweets hailing him as “an absolute hero” and calling for him to be given a knighthood, Harding replied: “My mum disagrees. Thinks I’m a pillock.”

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